Dan Eiden, a personal fitness trainer from Las Vegas, has been training men & women young and old alike for over a decade helping them to lead healthier and more fit lifestyles with his fitness regimens.

A BS in Exercise Phisiology, Dan runs Eiden's Fitness, Inc., a Las Vegas business that specializes in fat loss, sports specific training, body building and general fitness for both sexes and all ages. Very methodical in his approach to customizing programs for his clients, Dan combines scientific research with his years of experience while creating meal and workout plans that are tailored to suit each person's unique needs and requirements.

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    We worked closely with Dan to understand his goals and identify his premium demographics.
    Collaborating further with Dan, we put together a comprehensive package to address his business initiatives.
    Dan's new website and campaigns are now live and we're keeping a close eye on the quantifiable results.
    Once enough data is recorded, the campaigns are further optimized to increase lead generation.


Dan wanted to find a way to build up his client base to increase his business. This was not an easy task since the time he had was mostly spent training his current customers. He knew he wanted more business but didn't know where to start and how to aggressively market his services in a way that would net him the best results. Dan also wanted his online presence to get a facelift and get more exposure with his website and even start establishing his unique brand.


We redesigned his website to achieve a more contemporary feel, showcase content rich articles, and deliver realtime updates from his Facebook Fan Page. We optimized his website to rank #1 on Google for precise keyword terms such as "Las Vegas Personal Trainer."

We reached out to his targeted audience with PPC traffic campaign management, best suited to his business, his budget, and most importantly, his unique requirements.

We helped create a Facebook presence that he uses to keep in touch with his existing as well as prospective clients.

We executed the final aspect of the solution — the Social Media Marketing & Branding; highlighting Dan's fitness studio to targeted demographics across the greater Las Vegas Metro area using the Facebook Ads platform.


Dan's website, www.daneiden.com became an icon of fitness in the Las Vegas area — people began to associate the professional design of the website with the kind of body transformations Dan's studio promised. His new professional website increased the conversion rate from visitors to customers phenomenally. The website also witnessed an increase in organic traffic and leads through all major search engines, further enhanced by leads through PPC campaigns. Lastly, the Social Media campaign garnished this revamp by taking the studio's relationship with its clients and prospects to the next level of engagement.

Together, these solutions allowed for a measurable ROI based on his client value, an increase in leads, growth in brand value and established the Dan Eiden as an overall industry "authority."

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