We offer a variety of services to our clients that cover all aspects of the digital marketplace. Need a website? We can build one for you. Want your site to rank high on major search engines? We can help you do that. Need a killer logo or jaw-dropping creatives? Our award winning designers can do that as well.

Remember, we're not limited to just the services below! We can work closely with you to improve or enhance just about any aspect of your digital business.

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Search Engine Optimization
Want your website to rank high on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Looking to get more traffic to your website? We offer Search Engine Optimization services that can make this a reality for your business!

Search Engine Optimization is the art of optimizing both your website, and the references to your website, in a way that makes it more relevant to search engines. We will utilize a vast array of industry standard techniques as well as our own collection of innovative tricks to make this happen for your business. This increase in relevance will allow your site to move up the ranks and onto the first pages of the search results.

This means: More traffic. Free traffic. Quality traffic!

Ranking your site first in the search results not only provides you with an excellent supply of targeted traffic, it also helps to brand your business among the masses. This type of branding is critical, especially to local businesses looking to set themselves apart from their competitors. Ranking high in search engines lends your business an image of "authority" over the competition. After all, your business is ranking high in the search engines for a reason, right?

Best of all, we'll analyze your current website absolutely free! Click here to let us know what you're after!

Ready to learn more? Want to see your site ranked at the top? Let's do it!
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Social Media Marketing
We saw analysts making negative claims about Social Media trends way back in 2008. Reality, however, dwarfs these claims because of the sheer numbers that Social Media Marketing is waving today in the faces of its detractors today.

At Metro Point Media, we understand the trends and techniques in Social Media Marketing as we have been around as some of the earliest adopters of social bookmarking as a platform for relationship marketing and branding.

We leverage this experience and expertise to help you build a powerful Social Media presence and take advantage of viral exposure and unmatched branding through the most popular social networks including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Yelp, and more!

We combine all the forces of Social Media Marketing including social identity, viral marketing, paid advertising, custom fan pages, custom application development, and more to ensure you get tangible and most importantly, measurable results in your Social Media Marketing initiatives.

How does precision branding among targeted demographics sound? Sounds like a winning approach to us!
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Pay Per Click Advertising
We understand the business of Search Engine Optimization, and more importantly, how search engines work to engage the end user. With that said, Pay Per Click advertising is both very similar to and very different from traditional Search Engine Optimization. Similar because we're focusing on engaging users through a familiar medium, but different with respect to the endless amounts of traffic can be purchased almost instantly — day in and day out.

When creating a Pay Per Click advertising campaign for your business (i.e., "Sponsored Links"), we make sure your communication is precise and targeted at the right audience. Your sales pages are designed and worded to make sure that every visitor is engaged and enthused to perform the call-to-action.

We split test a variety of ads and ad copy to ensure a high click-through-rate — allowing you to maximize the amount of clicks for your budget. We split test landing pages to determine the best approach to get the maximum amount of users to flow through your lead funnel.

Last but not least, we work with you to create and assign a value to specific call-to-action goals. This allows all of us to effectively measure the value of your advertising campaign, eliminate underperforming demographics, and produce a measurable ROI.

Let us create the effective campaigns your business craves and provide you with a measurable ROI! Woah!
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Design & Development

Premium Creative Design & Web Development Services
As the internet grows in reach, speed, and technology, the design of your communication holds the key to success. Metro Point Media helps you cut to the chase with effectively designed communication that exploits the visual, textual, and the rich media aspects of the online medium.

Advanced marketing concepts — applied at every step and stage of communication design is what we're all about.

From the simplest of web pages to the most complex of online customer relationship management activities and e-commerce, our expert and award winning developers and designers can help you make your ideas come alive.

Your communication is eye-grabbing. Your message is structured to sell strong and sell subtly, while making sure the person on the other side of the screen knows exactly what is being sold and most importantly, exactly how it would make his or her life better.

This gives you the power to get more from your marketing investment. Convert more prospects into customers and customers into loyalists and loyalists into evangelists. When you get there, that's our reward — not the fees.

Let's work together and create the brain child your competition will wish they could call their own!
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E-mail Marketing

Retain Existing Clients & Target A New Qualified Audience
At Metro Point Media, we understand how e-mail messages, e-mail applications, and most importantly, how e-mail preferences of individuals work. As seasoned internet marketers, we've studied consumer behavior enough to understand which times of the day and which days of the month are best to drop in and say "Hello."

Combining our understanding of technology and our insight into consumer behavior, we make sure your e-mail marketing campaign reaches your target audience when they are interested, when they are in need, and most importantly, when they are open to seeing and hearing you out.

Why leave your business on the table when you can take it right to the hands of your customer? Leveraging an understanding of e-mail marketing, we offer you a comprehensive bouquet of e-mail marketing services that include design, development and dissemination.

We help you keep in touch and in constant contact with your target audience, making sure you don't merely seize existing opportunities, but create new ones.

Don't be forgotten — remind existing and potential clients that you still exist... and then increase sales!
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Fully Managed Hosting

Leave The Technical Details To Us And Focus On Your Business
Here at Metro Point Media we don't like to cut corners. What is the point of creating an amazing web presence and then neglecting the most important aspect of the digital business just to save a few bucks? Now you may be asking yourself, "What is this aspect you are forgetting?"

One word: Availability.

Availability means more to us than just keeping your website "online" — it means making sure it is performing at peak efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It means making sure that your data is protected and backed up. It means making sure that in the event your website ever goes down, a mirror image on standby automatically goes to work in minutes, not hours. It means that whether a user is on the east coast, west coast, or in another country, that your web pages are delivered to them with lightning speed!

In today's digital marketplace, customers have been trained to be impatient. No one wants to wait for your website to finally load when they know they can just go somewhere else. The speed at which your website is served to an end user is critical to securing their business. As a matter of fact, an Aberdeen Group study has shown that each second past the "tolerable" two-second mark that a web page takes to load cuts online purchases by 7%! We don't like that one bit.

We allocate resources above and beyond the "norm" for all of our clients. Unlike the competition, we won't stuff your website onto a server that is already jam packed with other websites and security threats. Our unique virtualization technology, combined with powerful hardware across datacenters all over the globe allows us to scale resources up or down on demand, serve your web pages at blazing speeds anywhere in the world, ensure data is never lost and always secure, and last but not least, guarantee near 99% uptime.

In other words, "Availability."

Your website will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our support staff will be readily available in the unlikely event that something goes wrong at anytime, day or night.

We'll manage everything and ensure your website is always running at peak efficiency! Guaranteed.
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